Study Details

Rationale for This Study

What is the importance of this trial?

Our team at the University of Minnesota is conducting this study to determine if taking the medication hydroxychloroquine can prevent a person who has been exposed to the coronavirus from becoming ill and possibly reduce the severity of illness. Importantly, we do not know if this medicine will be effective at preventing disease in those exposed to the coronavirus. We will compare the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine to a medication that has no effects on the coronavirus. If effective, this may become a worldwide standard of care, helping prevent disease in other healthcare workers and people exposed around the world.

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How does the study work?

If you consent to participate, we will ask you to:

  • Agree to be randomly assigned to receive hydroxychloroquine or a vitamin. If you agree to this study, there would be a 50-50 chance of receiving a vitamin instead of hydroxychloroquine.
  • Take the study medication for five days.
  • Answer 3 - 5 short, online follow-up surveys.
  • There are no required in-person visits.
  • Anyone nationwide can participate, if eligible. You do not need to be in Minnesota.

The hydroxychloroquine dose in this study is similar to what is given for malaria treatment. It is a very safe medicine when used for short periods. The most common side effect is upset stomach and is usually mild. Other side effects reverse when the medication is stopped. Serious side effects can occur, but generally only when taken for extended periods, typically greater than 1 year of continuous use.

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